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Access to and use of this site (www.timminsbrand.ca) is provided by Tourism Timmins. The “I’m In” community brand is to be used to promote Timmins on a regional and national scale as a great place to live, learn, work and play.

Timminsbrand.ca is a branding hub with a wide range of free resources that can help you realize your own marketing goals, while also supporting and promoting Timmins to the world at large. Co-branding is good for our community’s image, and great for our local economy. It helps all of us increase our profile and send out a positive, optimistic message about our community.

The Community Brand project allows us to share free marketing tools such as the logo, graphics, photos and videos that add extra recognition to our own projects. When many of us are able to include this logo in our marketing campaigns, it makes the logo (and our messages) more powerful because more people see it and associate it with Timmins’ resources and opportunity.

Terms and Conditions

  • You may copy, post, distribute and transmit the images as part of your marketing campaign as long as the purpose of that campaign is to promote services, locations, events, venues, attractions etc, that enhance city and regional promotion. Any other use of site content requires written permission from Tourism Timmins.
  • Any photos you use must credit timminsbrand.ca as the source unless otherwise indicated on the photo’s information profile.
  • If the logo is used on-line, you must link it to the City of Timmins website at www.timmins.ca.
  • You may not adapt or change the logo. It is available in full-colour, black, and white versions, in a variety of digital formats and spatial configurations.
  • The City of Timmins reserves the right to allow, review, deny or withdraw permissions to use Timminsbrand.ca materials.
  • You may not use these images or the logo in any materials that might be considered obscene, racist or otherwise in contravention of the goals of the City of Timmins Strategic Plan.
  • Unauthorised use of this Site and its content may breach copyright and other intellectual property rights.
  • The City of Timmins may take legal action to enforce its rights if there is any unauthorized or undesirable use of the Brand. In the event of any misuse of the Community Brand, The City of Timmins retains the right to forbid further use of the Brand and can request that the Community Brand is removed from material at any time.

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