Usage Guidelines

Before you download the logo, please read the guidelines below to make sure you are familiar with how to use it, and which version you need. You must also read the Terms of Use to make sure you’re using the materials on this site for the right reasons. Only use versions of the logo as supplied by this website. The logo should be used as a whole; however, in some applications the wordmark may be used without the circle graphic. Do not alter, replace fonts or otherwise change the logo. 


The very minimum logo size is 1.25” inches from the outer edge of the “T” to the outer edge of the “S”.

But it is better for the logo to appear larger than this so its elements can have the most impact. 

When using the logo online or on a screen the smallest letters in the tagline should always be comfortably visible.


Never stretch, squish or scrunch the logo.

The width and height should always be the proportions you see here.


We need to make sure the logo has enough space around it and isn’t crowded. The minimum space around the outside edge of the logo should be equivalent to the height of the “T” in Timmins.



Whenever possible the logo should be used on a white, uniform background. There are lots of colours in the logo and we don’t want them getting lost in the background.

In cases where this is absolutely not possible, use the versions meant for black backgrounds on a very dark or black, uniform background.



Don’t place the logo directly over a photo background. This will make the logo too hard to see.

Don’t use the logo against a different coloured background, but with a small white or black box around it. When in doubt, consult a professional designer.